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Nightsky:Beginning Part II

14 May

夜空:Beginning Part II

” – Shuu! Shuu!”

Burgundy eyes snap open, and instead of the endless sky in his dreams, he finds the inquisitive eyes of his childhood friend instead. Considering the dream he has just had, Ouma Shuu finds himself cloaked in cold sweat with his heart beating dangerously fast. He shakes his head and forces an apologetic smile on his face.

“S-Sorry, Hare! I must have dozed off…”

Menjou Hare adopts a cross look and puts her hands on her hips for good measure. “You have got to stop sleeping so late, Shuu… you nearly missed the whole lesson!” she says worriedly. “I thought the teacher was going to catch you for sure!”

“And you can thank me for that, by the way.”

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Nightsky:Beginning Part I

14 May

夜空:Beginning Part I

The sky was dark but clear: a perfect night for stargazing.

The July air was surprisingly breezy and gentle for summer, and it provided some much needed reprieve to the sweltering heat of the day. Waves crashing against the shore were the only thing that disturbed the otherwise quiet atmosphere. At least it was until the excited chatter of children began filling the air.
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